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commented 2017-07-19 14:23:14 +0100
I am a volunteer manager at the Devon and Cornwall Food Action Charity.

we receive food from various suppliers in the city and we ensure that hungry and extremely vulnerable individuals in Plymouth don’t go without food.

We are constantly fighting to find the funds to stay open, all the individuals in the organisation are volunteers and take no wages for the work we do.

We have recently been donated 13 new freezers to replace the failing units we had.

This dilemma we have is that the city council want to charge us a considerable amount of money to collect and dispose of these units.

Without a hint of exaggeration this would bankrupt our charity and we would not be able to feed the individuals and the organisations that are feeding the most vulnerable in our city.

We are situated in your constituency and desperately need your help.

I hope on behalf of the hungry of plymouth that you are able to support us in some way with this issue.
commented 2017-07-17 15:17:51 +0100
My son has muscular dystrophy and I cannot get any help converting the downstairs of my property have had hospital appointment today dr Elizabeth Househam suggested I contact you as this has been going on for years and my son is struggling with the stairs
commented 2017-07-11 22:52:55 +0100
Dear Mr Pollard,

I am contacting you out of shear desperation regarding the continuous level of fly-tipping outside my back gate. I live in Devonport Road, and my back gate backs onto Mount Pleasant and a small cul-de-sac next to the Stoke Village Co-Op loading bay. This area is full of household goods; a mattress, TV, HI-FI, suitcase, planks of wood, bags of rubbish in black bags that have the contents spilled over the road, children’s toys etc. I do report this to Plymouth City Council each time fly-tipping occurs (as do my neighbours), and it is always collected within a week or to.

The big issue is that as soon as PCC clear it, another load gets dumped overnight. Our local residents association have enquired about CCTV in this area, but were told it is too expensive.

Please could SOMETHING be done about this? Surely in the long run it is more cost effective to install CCTV, or even place official warning signs up, to deter fly-tippers than PCC constantly having to clear it? It is becoming a health hazard, is smelling, unsightly and dangerous.

Yours sincerely,

Kelly van der Poel
commented 2017-07-06 17:09:24 +0100
Dear Mr Pollard,

I am writing to you in the hope you can help me with a situation concerning my refuse collection that has left me distraught today.

The dustbin men were emptying our bins but they were outside my back gate for some time,I went out to see what was the problem. Some of my neighbours were also in the lane very irate.

We were told our brown bins would not be collected again and we will not be getting them back as they will all be picked up later today. Not happened yet. They had placed 2 industrial size bins outside a neighbours garden wall and she was ,as expected very very unhappy about this. They then moved these bins and have put them against my garden wall. They said they do not know where to put them so they will have to stay there. They all said to me that fortnightly collection of household waste is ridiculous and is causing major problems with overfilled bins and split bags. They said they would definately not want these bins outside their garden and I should contact my MP.I was so upset I had to come indoors to calm down. I then caught up with the dustmen further down the lane explaining no one knows anything about these bins and I do not want them outside my garden. They told me they have filled the bins with rubbish that is already two weeks old and will be left rotting until the next collection. there is also another industrial size bin another being dumped outside our property on the pavement today.

This means everyone in my street and the next street who usually put there bins and bags in the lane for collection will have to use black bags and put there household waste in these 3 huge bins directly outside my garden wall. This is going to be horrendous for myself and my husband, and also our neighbours who will have to carry their rubbish to these bins. Everybodys rubbish,the smell, and in this heat the flies, the noise of huge bin lids being left to drop shut,the bags that no doubt will be left on the floor which the cats always tear open,and not put in the bins. Left for 2 weeks at a time. I have rung the council who said someone will get back to me within 28 days. This is a disgusting thing they are doing. We were told some time ago that both our bins would be collected from the front street, where our green bin already is. A much better and healthier way to do it.These bins are also on the pavement which will be dangerous with people walking past in the road and vehicles turning into the lane.

I am so upset I cannot find the words to convey what this is doing .My husband has throat cancer and the stress and worry we have had for 2 years has been horrendous and is ongoing .We do not want these bins outside our garden and seek your help .

Many Thanks

Rosemary Marshall
commented 2017-07-04 11:43:57 +0100
I am an FBU Branch Official serving in Plymouth. FBU members would like to arrange a meeting with Luke with reference to fire cover in Plymouth in particular high rise buildings (including the Devonport Towers with the compromised cladding). We have suffered severe cuts in Plymouth and would like to give Luke a different perspective from the one that he would have received when he met with the Chief Officer last week. There are lots of issues that we would like to discuss with him and to make him aware of. Hope he would be able to meet with us.
commented 2017-07-01 06:20:01 +0100
commented 2017-06-21 13:41:41 +0100
I have left a telephone message and have had no response from you concerning an elderly man that I visit who is 87 years old and has had his benefits slashed, he is very depressed about this and is very concerned. I would like to know if you can help.
commented 2017-06-19 11:08:15 +0100
Reference; PR, CMS, Family Courts, Education and Justice dept.

Until the election there had been discussions with the previous MP on the inequalities in the Law for separated Parents, the devastating fall out this has on them, and more distressingly, on the children and I would very much like to pursue ideas for improvements and changes that can be made.

I am away with work this week and the first half of next week, however the issue is so important and in urgent need of reform that I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience upon return.

Voted Labour for the first time in my life this month, partly based on the horrific tory campaign but mainly on your web cast.

yours faithfully

many thanks

commented 2017-06-15 12:51:49 +0100
we have an abandoned van S89GRC which is in smeaton square , Efford PL3 6NU for about a year , with no tax, mot, nor insurance , which the local council wont nothing to do with it, after being contacted many times, they say it is DVLA respondabilty , so DVLA have been contacted back in march but nothing seems to be happening . please could you help
commented 2017-06-09 19:50:20 +0100
Hello Luke,

“Well done!” yesterday.

I saw on a video that your father was a submariner – mine was too. He went to RN College Dartmouth in 1936, was 16 in 1939, and served two commissions on the T-Class submarine HMS Torbay, earning a DSC, and 2 Mentions in Despatches.

He was a product of both the Royal Navy, and a hard, tough war, in which many of his friends were killed, and he raised me to the standards of honesty and honour that the Royal Navy is famous for.

So if I make a statement, it is because I only say what I know to be true, and I only do what I know to be right.

I would like to brief you on how Plymouth police have for decades been covering up the sexual abuse of underage boys and young men by Alan Harris, of Alan Harris Solicitors.

They were handed by police to Alan Harris in his capacity as a duty solicitor.

When the male/male Age of Consent was 21 – and when the old Derrys Cross car park still stood, Alan Harris was arrested in the public toilets with a 15 year old boy.

This was a very serious offence, for which there was no charge, no caution, and police clam, no record.

I have spoken to a fair number of men, including those who say they were underage when blackmailed into sex, and am certain that Alan Harris is a serial offender.

If just one boy raped per month over 20 years, that is 240 men affected, plus a huge knock-on effect, as damaged men tend to damage others.

Police fabricated a Public Order Act charge against myself, and robbed me of any defence through a deliberate conspiracy to rig the Magistrates Court.

I am willing to meet you, and brief you on this, plus I am willing to have you meet men raped by Alan Harris.

The allegations I make are extremely serious.

At no time has Alan Harris, an independently wealthy man, whose weapon is the law, made any direct contact with myself, either to deny the allegations, or to repress my ability to make them.

That speaks volumes.

An injunction against myself is all it would take to begin an action, but this would mean swearing on Oath that the allegations are untrue.

Instead, a conspiracy to pervert the course of ‘justice’ was entered into by Alan Harris Solicitors, police, CPS, and district judge, to remove altogether any possibility of a viable defence, conceal evidence, and guarantee the desired outcome – my banning from Plymouth city centre for 10 years.

To this end, 2 ‘complainants under Alan Harris’s control were advanced as petticoat pawns, actress witnesses whose testimony was so flimsy, it could not bear cross-examination in a fair trial.

Plymouth is the ancient home of one branch of my family, the Sparrows, whose cut limestone clad most of Plymouth’s finest buildings for a century, and who supplied 4 million tons of stone for Plymouth Sound’s Breakwater.

I am asking you to help me expose this perverting of the course of ‘justice’ by police, and enable me to walk free of restriction in the city of Plymouth.

commented 2017-06-09 19:13:23 +0100
First to offer our support for the Labour Party lol to discuss or tell Luke about my wife sue’s and mine interest in a mental health charity called CHIL community health in plymouth ( chaz Singh knows of chils work :) and the impact that cuts to mental health services are having on us , please ! And to let Luke know we value his role as plymouth MP yipee
commented 2017-06-09 05:06:05 +0100
Our Family has been in the hands of Oliver due to tragic consequences after The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman investigated and accepted our wholly justified Complaint.

However, the Case PA 3387 was passed through delays in management through the hands of THREE Case Managers. Frances Kelly, Michael Cann and Gillian Amery.

The Process is torturous as we were told to contact Mr. Derek Thomas at The Department for Work and Pensions Civil Servant at Plymouth, Mr. Derek Thomas.

Our Solicitor has been accepted by his Insurers, for a Claim due to Professional Negligence.

We are promised Financial Redress for Maladministration but the Staff involved show there is incompetence to further delay closure.

Civil Servants admit we are suffering after being , " wrongly signposted " ….

However, we have taken abuse which Oliver failed to halt.

God Bless Luke Pollard in taking care of us !

Thank you and Be Well,

yours sincerely,

Sophia Roberts
commented 2017-06-07 13:16:30 +0100
I’ve had no leaflets through my door from any party (apart from the joke that is Danny Bamping) and no one has come knocking – or simply make their presence known in my area – either. With the election tomorrow, I feel as though my vote isn’t valued as no one has approached me personally to try and explain their policies or secure my vote. I’ve spent weeks trawling through the policies and ideals of all parties using the internet and I’m still weighing up my options – the next 24 hours will weigh heavily on me as I want to do the right thing. I do feel somewhat ‘forgotten’ sadly. Is it because I live in a housing association block and it is just assumed we will all vote Labour?
commented 2017-06-03 18:31:22 +0100
Hi Luke,

Are you my local Labour candidate? I live in Staddiscombe (postcode PL9 9TS). I don’t think it is you, but can’t find who I need to contact? :)
commented 2017-05-30 20:38:48 +0100
commented 2017-05-15 17:23:10 +0100
Just been reading through your website.

You might want to change ‘May’ to ‘June’ in your ‘About Luke’ section in red next to his picture.

Need all the votes he can get to finally unseat Colville, so wouldn’t want a glaring error to be singled out!

Good luck in the election!
commented 2015-05-06 07:51:02 +0100
Missed the teller training. I was out of Plymouth until yesterday. I have been given a slot. Do you still want me to do it without the training?
commented 2015-04-13 12:47:53 +0100
commented 2015-03-26 14:10:44 +0000
Hi I’m going to be watching the debate tonite wot I won’t to ask.if u win power what r u going to do about the shaira courts in this country.this is the first time I’m voting labor.
commented 2014-11-12 08:54:29 +0000
I was delighted to see Charles Church floodlit last night. Although this was a temporary event I believe this needs to be a permanent feature. We are told that this ‘memorial’ is to remind us of the sacrifice the people of Plymouth made during WW2 yet it remains isolated in the middle of a significantly busy roundabout and overawed by poor architecture around it. The floodlighting at least gives it the attention it truly deserves.
commented 2014-10-17 23:25:54 +0100
My grandparents Ernest Lean and Catherine Seymour were married in Charles Church in 1923 and my father Charles Lean was christened there in 1927. He lived in Seymour St during and after the War. I was born in Plymouth in 1954 and spent my childhood there. So I would very much support your campaign to floodlight the church and to make much more of the site. Plymouth does shamefully little to support its heritage.
commented 2014-09-19 09:36:33 +0100
Ref HMS Plymouth.

Having served on Plymouth and having the privilege of cutting the last commissioning cake of Plymouth. My understanding is that you can not have two ships named Plymouth. On one hand you are supporting a new ship called Plymouth but the old Plymouth as well so which is it to be? You advocate the naval maritime history of Plymouth yet you have yet to prove that in any way shape or form. You only have to look at Portsmouth to see what real preservation of naval history can do for a city. To promote the naval history of Plymouth you need something tangible and physical the people of Plymouth can see touch and be proud off.


Dave Wood

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