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Why Luke voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill


Yesterday MPs voted on the EU Withdrawal Bill. Luke wrote a short blog and posted a video on his Facebook page about laying out his concerns with the Bill, why it is a cynical power grab by the Government and why he will be voting against it.

Luke said:

Hello #Plymouth – tonight MPs are voting on the EU Withdrawal Bill. It’s going to be a late one, with votes not until about midnight so I recorded this earlier to tell you how I plan to vote. The Government has renamed this from the "Great Repeal Bill", what it should be called is the "Great Power Grab". Labour has been tabling several amendments to remove the so called ‘Henry VIII’ powers that will allow Government Ministers to change any law from Brussels they want and bypass Parliament if this gets through.

These powers are quite shocking. People in Plymouth who voted for Brexit didn’t vote to give Ministers the power to create, amend or scrap any law without going before Parliament. This is a slide towards dictatorship, and removes the democratic rights of our sovereign Parliament. This is worrying when it comes to any law, let alone hard won environmental and worker's rights.

Tonight's vote is not just about voting against the Tories. If this was being proposed by a Labour Government I would vote against it. It is bad legislation that tries to take scrutiny away from elected MP’s, giving all the power to Ministers. The Government shouldn’t be trying to get this through the Commons. We need a sovereign Parliament. I hope all Plymouth’s MPs vote the same and vote against it tonight. This is a power grab that must be stopped.

You can watch Luke's video before the vote:

And you can watch Luke's video the morning after the vote:


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commented 2018-01-21 15:35:04 +0000
Please respect the democratic will of the people.

Was your referendum vote worth more than mine? No.

Do you want a United States of Europe – like most Europeans; Dutch 2005, French 2005, Austrians, Germans, probably not. Remember – the Lib’Dems’ stood on a platform of anti-brexit and actually managed to lose vote share from and already appallingly low vote-share. Nick Clegg lost his seat.

If you want the UK to be subsumed into undemocratic dictatorship called United States of Europe then say so openly – if not then you have to back Brexit fully. And if you don’t believe that the EU want ever closer union then please do some basic research – Germany’s Schulz has even openly called for it. Look up some of Jean-claude Juncker’s quotes.

I am a great-grandson of a Jarrow miner who is now voting Tory to make sure Brexit happens – you Remainer Labour MP’s have managed to break the habit for many of us in that we now proudly vote Tory. I’d take what people say to pollsters with a large pinch of salt – unless you respect the Brexit referendum and the working class who voted for it you will pay heavily at the next election.

As someone who was voted in an an MP you above all should respect democracy – we are fighting here against a global, corporate elite who do not want people to have democracy. You must support democracy or the anger caused by thwarting democracy will cause huge conflict and chaos. Remember the anger at the Poll tax – if Brexit does not happen then this will be a thousand times worse.
Luke Pollard posted about Why Luke voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill on Luke Pollard's Facebook page 2017-09-12 13:56:57 +0100
Last night I voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill - click here to find out why #Plymouth
@LukePollard tweeted this page. 2017-09-12 13:55:55 +0100
Last night I voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill - click here to find out why #Plymouth
@LukePollard tweeted this page. 2017-09-12 13:53:32 +0100
Last night I voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill - click here to find out why #Plymouth

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